Video Tasting: New England Brewing Company Sea Hag IPA

Posted on 02.14.08 7:57PM under Canned Beer, IPA, Tasting

New England Brewing Company Sea Hag IPATonight being Thursday is tasting post night. I have kept up the video tasting tradition. I find my setup and production becoming more elaborate every week. Before I know it, I’ll be renting studio space and a bunch of fancy professional equipment. Well, maybe not, but this time I added credits and transitions and I edited several chunks together. The editing was mainly out of necessity, and it’s easy to add the titles and credits, compared to editing for content. The end result is almost six minutes of review. Maybe the next thing for me to work on is brevity. After all, it is the soul of wit.

Tonight’s tasting: New England Brewing Company Sea Hag IPA.

The short version of the tasting: This IPA pours a clear copper color with a sturdy head. The aroma is piney and dirty hops, with a hint of citrus hops. The flavor is hops throughout, but not overwhelming. This is a middle-of-the-road IPA, but it isn’t weak or unenjoyable. I have a soft spot for it, since it is from Connecticut and it is packaged in a can. Even in a bottle from a different state, this would be a worthwhile beer. BeerAdvocate calls it 6.2% ABV, which is not too far from my 6% guess. As if I would ever guess 6.2%. So as far as I’m concerned, I nailed it.

Now the video:

I encountered numerous technical issues filming this one. My lovely little camera randomly stops recording every now and then. Best I can figure, it’s after one minute. Or is it two minutes? And even though I didn’t use the mic for half the filming it came out fine. Can you call it filming if you’re recording to a SD Card? The funny thing is I tried it without the mic the first time I made a video (avoiding the f-word, “film”, that is) and I couldn’t hear myself at all. Was I whispering then or just yelling this time? Or maybe I squeezed that mic button so hard it is just always on any more. Fortunately (and yet unfortunately at the same time) all the senseless screaming and crying by small children was missed in any recording. I couldn’t have included it if I wanted to. Unless I intentionally inflicted crying. Which I wouldn’t do, at least not to my own children. At least not on Valentine’s Day. Or at least not again, just for the sake of ratings.

If you’ve made it this far, I congratulate you. You have great endurance, and you might just be cool enough to be my friend. I will try to make the video shorter next time. But I can’t make any guarantees. It just might be even longer, and filled with more crazy effects and stuff. I’m flirting with the idea of a soundtrack edited in. The idea is really trying to score. It just bought me another beer. But the idea is pretty hot. I just might end up taking it home.

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  1. Posted by Keith Brainard on 02.14.08 9:52 PM

    Hey, I almost forgot to mention where I got this beer. I found this one particularly challenging to locate. It seems a lot of local retailers dropped it recently. I guess cans still face an image problem.

    Well if you’re in SE CT, Gordon’s Yellow Front Package Store on Colman Street in New London is where you can get it. Gordon’s is on the part of Colman that’s one-way heading south towards Ocean Beach and all the fancy houses.

    I think they might have restocked it because last time I was there buying some Oskar Blues, I asked about NEBC beers. But I could be wrong, or I could just be one of many that asked about it.

    Either way, just go buy them canned beerz.

  2. Posted by E.S. Delia on 02.15.08 3:02 PM

    Yeah, I’m definitely into the whole canning concept, and would love to see more beer in cans. Sea Hag is one that I hope to try sometime in the near future, just to see how it holds up. Oskar Blues Gordon is one that really preserves that sticky, mealy hop character and tastes pretty good, in my opinion.

    Good luck on the future video reviews. Keep it up and you could be the James Cameron of beer!