Dresses for Iris

Posted on 02.09.08 9:02PM under Aimée, Iris, Stories

One last post tonight. And nothing to do with beer.

My daughter Iris is four. This past summer she wore like ten dresses a day. While this is an exaggeration, sometimes it didn’t seem like one. She changed clothes a lot. I wished she’d just wear one dress that day.

They say to be careful what you wish for. I got my wish. Lately she wears exactly two dresses. All the time. She cries when one gets covered in syrup and ketchup and chocolate and whatever else she eats. She has to take one off as soon as the other is clean and dry so that I can wash the first one, too.

But that all seems to be changing.

Big Slick 2 IIPA Good HeadI’m sorry, I just had to interrupt to post this photo of the amazing head retention on my Big Slick 2 Imperial IPA. This one has taken some time to come along, but it’s really hitting its stride right now. See, there’s some beer content. The thing’s really lacing the glass like a pro, too.

Back to the dresses.

We went to the great non-Walmart giant store of bargains. Target. Aimée had a great idea. Seems she’s had a lot of those lately. I’ve been mentioning her a lot here. We went to the big girls section. Not “big” like “fat”, “big” like “older”. Iris is not quite an XS there. The XS size is 4-5, and she’s a petite 4 year old. Though if you ask her, she’s almost five. But in reality she won’t be five until October.

In the big girls section, they have the fancy spring dresses. Light silky material with little cotton slips sewn right into them. Pink and purple and light teal with plenty of flowers and things on them. Very long, too, down to her ankles. Just like she likes them. I should be happy she’s not into minis, but the long dress thing is just a little odd to me. I think she likes it because they keep her warm on her legs, without pesky other leg clothes like socks or tights or pants.

So we ended up trying on ten dresses. Six fancy ones and four cotton ones. We left three cotton ones at the store, and now we have seven dresses that she seems to love. Maybe she’s just a warm weather clothes person. Whatever the reason, I won’t have to do laundry every three days anymore. Yippee!

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