Free Beer!

Posted on 02.06.08 10:33PM under Aimée, Biere de Garde, Bock, Free Beer, Fun, The Session, Tripel, Zok

Free BeerBlogging about beer has many benefits. First of all, you get to drink beer, and then check off part of your to-do list after you drink it (and photograph it, take notes, etc.) For me, I just envelop myself in all aspects of beer so that I can provide the best information I can about beer for my various postings. But one of the greatest benefits that I’ve been hoping for, I have finally realized. As you might have guessed by the title of this post, it’s free beer!

I got my package today from Flying Dog! I managed to catch their attention, which is exciting in itself. But then when I got the email asking “which of our beers do you wish you could try but haven’t been able to get?” I just about got all giddy. Even better is how Stephanie delivered the goods. I asked for Double Dog and K9 Cruiser. I hadn’t seen either at Gordon’s when I picked up a bunch of other Flying Dog beers. I also lamented the fact that I never was able to get Collaborator Doppelbock, which I really wanted to have for the session #11.

As I arrived home today from Zok’s (which is always an awesome trip anyway), since my wonderful wife had called me and told me the Flying Dog package had arrived, I knew I had something to look forward to. I opened the box, eager to see what was in there. I saw one big bottle and two small bottles. I dared to dream for a moment that they had managed to unearth a stray bottle of Collaborator and sent it to me. I didn’t want to get too excited. But sure enough, it is the Collaborator. It is like a Westvleteren Collaborator – no label. Josh from Flying Dog had earlier let me know that the labeled bottles were all gone, and I had the impression that there were no more bottles available. My excitement is great, as the beer chills tonight. I’ll taste it soon. I want to wait for my sense of taste and smell to fully recover from the plague that has overtaken our house for the past few weeks.

There was one small bottle of Double Dog, well not small, just normal size, since they’ll be putting it in 7-ounce bottles soon. This is a 12-ounce bottle. I am excited to have this, too. I like the big beers. I like the Flying Dog big beers. I think that Double Dog will be a winner. BeerAdvocate backs up this expectation.

The other 12-ounce bottle was not the K9 Cruiser, but the famous Barrel Aged Horn Dog. I had seen the others writing about this beer, and I was curious, but wasn’t sure about asking for it. But way better than a K9 Cruiser (which I will look for at Gordon’s) is a big beer that you can’t even buy at any liquor store. Awesome move, Flying Dog!

So look for the reviews of these brews coming soon. And I’m getting eager to try the other lighter beers in the regular litter of Flying Dog beers, such as the Golden, Amber, and Wheat. Even more exciting are the new beers coming out, the Kerberos Tripel and Garde Dog Biere de Garde. Both great styles, and I’m optimistic for great examples of these styles from Flying Dog.

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