On Second Thought…

Posted on 01.24.08 8:42PM under Brewing, Troubleshooting

So it turns out maybe I went on a paranoid rant the other day for no reason. After having a home brewing expert, Zok, taste my supposed sour Pre Cut Ale With Fir beer, along with a panel of three other tasters, it has been determined that although the beer has a bit of a sour finish, the sour is not lactic in nature, and more likely somehow related to the massive amounts of Fraser Fir in the beer.

So this makes me relieved. I don’t have to worry about mysterious lacto-bacteria hanging around my equipment in a way that won’t sanitize away. Sure, I might have panicked for a week or so and nearly threw away all my existing equipment. But I am back on track now. So that post the other day, about the whole bread crumb trail thing. Might be just paranoia.

That’s the sneaky thing about paranoia. You can’t tell if it’s real or not.

Well I have two new fermenters and one new bottling bucket, a new siphon and bottling wand, and I’ll just use these from now on. That’s all my fermenting fridge can hold anyway.

While I’ve left behind the old batches from the summer, such as Dorée Forte, I still wonder about Christmas Presence. I must brew that recipe again and see how it comes out. Looks like I’ll have to go get some Munich, Caramunich, Caravienne, Special B, Liberty, and Pearle!

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  1. Posted by Paul Garrard on 01.25.08 6:15 PM

    Paranoid rants are the best sort of rants to have, especially over beer. Carry on !