Sick Family

Posted on 01.22.08 5:04PM under Boden, Iris

My kids have been sick for a few days now. It’s rough sometimes when they get sick. They are always tired, but can’t sleep because they’re all stuffed up. And of course, tired kids are cranky kids. So we have been living with two overtired, sick, stuffy-nosed, cranky, TV-overdosed kids for three days. These three days feel like three weeks by now.

At the same time, the poor kids. Their coughs sound really…um…productive. Iris is complaining that her coughing hurts, and I feel bad for her. Boden’s nose is so runny, he’s rubbing it with his sleeve, and it hurts, too. Even those fancy vicks-infused tissues aren’t really helping.

It’s also kind of funny in a way, their dazed wandering around with constantly sleepy eyes. It’s admirable they manage to maintain a pretty decent overall mood. Sure, you can set them off without even doing anything at all, but at the same time, I’ve managed to deflect them long enough to write this post right now.

Oops, what was that crashing sound? Better go find out!

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