Thanksgiving and Beer

Posted on 11.21.07 4:11PM under Biere de Garde, Dubbel, Pairing

Many would pair wine with thanksgiving – I pair beer. Some say that this whole “beer pairing” thing is getting to be overdone. I say it is just getting started. Steve Koch from Stone brewing proved it earlier in the year when he defeated the sommeliers in a “pair-off”. It reminds me of Steven Colbert in the “guitar shred-off” he had with some guy from some band I never heard of before or since (it was actually the Decemberists – no offense to their fans).

Slayer LogoWhenever I play my acoustic guitar, it is usually for the benefit of my kids. They are two and four. They love “fast songs”. So I play songs from my book or printouts (Bob Dylan, The Grateful Dead, etc.) at a very fast sounding pace. I sing the words real fast, strum real fast, and accelerate the tempo. It is really fun to put this mark of my kids’ on the songs in my book. You must hear “Blowin’ In The Wind” in the style of “War Ensemble”.

When it comes to holidays, people naturally gravitate towards family. We used to live within ten miles of my parents and the in-laws. Now we’ve moved 50 miles away, and they’re still in that same ten mile radius of each other (or is it diameter?) So we will drive up there for an hour, go see my parents, and then go see hers. That will put us at my family for AM and hers for PM. Unfortunately, my parents are the ones that will drink. I’ll just have to bring a nice morning cocktail type of beer there (I’m thinking of a sweet Bière De Garde). To bring a bottle of beer to the in-laws is asking for trouble (but I might do it anyways.)

Biere de GardeIn fact, Bière De Garde is said to be the “ultimate Thanksgiving beer”, as it pairs well with all the offerings, from cranberry sauce to mashed potatoes. And in the end, even if it won’t stand up to Aunt Erma’s Mince Pie (I’d probably try a Dubbel for that), at least it is a tasty beverage to enjoy amidst the subtle family tension that’s bound to surface at some point in this joyous festival of celebration.

At the same time, even if you and your family are downing funnels of Bud Light this Thanksgiving, just remember to take the time to appreciate the magic of beer and the wonder of the holidays.

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