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My RSS includes XKCD, a computer geek comic. This week there was one about wine snobbery. The main character was asked how he could drink “this crappy wine”, to which he responded “all wine tastes the same to me”.

That, I can relate to.

I consider myself lucky in that I cannot tell the difference between BMC of wine and DFH of wine. It saves me money and inner turmoil in case I am at an event where only cheap wine is available.

The funny thing was that in the comic he went on to say that you could make snobbery anywhere.

So I got to wondering if beer snobbery is warranted. Is there such a difference between meh craft beer and awesome craft beer that it would be discernable to a rookie?

Unfortunately I think not. I might taste a beer and hate on the diacetyl but Joe 6 pack would probably not notice the same thing and if he did it would not necessarily strike him as an issue.

But clearly with some things there is a big gap between normal and very good. I think of American cheese. Kraft singles – not so good. Deli – very good. Anyone who’s had both can tell.

So I don’t lose hope for the distinction between good and very good beer. But maybe we can avoid the snobbery while we’re at it.