MaCallan 18 Year Old

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Earlier I wrote of some free whisky I got from Master of Malt. As part of their new drinks by the dram program, they sent out free samples for review and publicity to people who write about this sort of thing. As a beer blogger, I made it onto their radar.

I’ve taken some time trying to get a handle on the correct vocabulary and taking plenty of time between tastings to make each as fresh as the first.

So this weekend I sampled the MaCallan 18  Year Old sample that they sent. You can read their description behind my link. Here’s what I wrote:

Smells dry, woody, and boozy. Leaves nice legs on the glass. The taste is dry and woody, with perhaps a touch of honey? It almost has a waxy bitterness or hints of licorice. The smell gives a touch of vanilla. It is so dry in my mouth (no surprise at 53.9% ABV). It’s almost papery as I sip. Am I imagining a peaty flavor? I get a waft of a dusty butterscotch smell.

Overall I’d say it’s pretty smooth, and I’d gladly take down a fifth over the course of a series of special occasions (like Mondays, Fridays, etc.)

Up next is the side-by-side between this 18 year old and the 12 year single barrel I tasted a few weeks ago. This should give me a good chance to really see the differences, and provide additional insight into the individual character of each one.

Free Scotch!

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Running a beer blog, every now and then I get an offer for free beer for review. Sometimes it pans out and sometimes not.

So a few weeks ago, I got an email offer for some free booze to review. It’s Drinks by the Dram from the United Kingdom. They’ve got tons of awesome single malts and other incredible whiskies and whatnot for sale online. They have a new program where they will sell a 3cl dosage of a variety of their finest spirits as a sample.

Before you gotta spend $90 for a whole bottle, you can spend $5 for a single sample. (disclaimer: quality and accuracy of currency conversions could vary)

Samples for sale! Great idea! Read the rest of this entry…