Mixing Drinks

[ 2 Comments ] Posted on 08.25.09 under Blending, Spirits, Tasting

In the constant search for the new, I often try things that normal people might hesitate to try.

For example, I have frequently blended homebrewed beers. One comes out too sweet, and one is astringent. Combined, the two defects counter one another to make for a balanced combination, and an overall improved drinking experience.
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Subtlety of Spirits

[ Comments Off ] Posted on 08.22.09 under Spirits

Obviously, I am mainly a beer guy.

But even the devout occasionally stray from the true path. In my case, that means I sometimes drink alcohols other than those as a first derivative of grain. Every now and then, there’s a partially finished bottle of wine that requires some attention the following day. But more than that, the spirits are known to attract my attention. Most spirits are at least a second derivative of grain… Read the rest of this entry…