Cleaning Kegs

[ Comments Off ] Posted on 10.28.09 under Kegging, Sanitation

Two KegsKegging is great. It is so much easier to transfer the beer one time – from fermenter to keg, as opposed to fermenter to bottling bucket, preparing priming sugar solution, sanitizing dozens of bottles, filling them, and capping them.

Yet kegs still need to be cleaned. In fact, cleaning kegs is a rather time consuming process. Many espouse the rare cleaning schedule, but I just can’t do it. I just have to clean them in between uses. Not right away, but before reuse cleaning and sanitizing is a must.

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Fermentation Friday: Cleaning and Sanitizing

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The last Friday of every month is Fermentation Friday, the homebrewing group blogging day. And I’m happy to participate with this topic, hosted by A World of Brews. It’s a great topic that can be a real source of confusion and uncertainty for new brewers as well as veterans. What follows is my cleansing and sanitizing story and my current position on the topic.

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