Adjusting Keg Positions…

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The door for the keg fridge wouldn’t close very easily. I realized that the keg on the left was not pushed back as far as it could be, so I moved it back another inch. And the door closes perfectly now.

Watching a Video…

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Iris wanted to watch a movie so I put one in the DVD player and started watching it. Then she fell asleep.

Cleaning Up Toys…

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There were some of the kids’ cars and animals left out tonight, so I picked them up and put them in their designated bins.

Dullest Blog In The World

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Off a link from MSN I found an unfortunately outdated blog. It’s the “dullest blog in the world”. But in reality it is awesome. Since he hasn’t updated it in a while, I am going to attempt to copy his incredible dullness here, but in a beery context. Here’s my first attempt:

“Cracking a Beer…”

I walked over to the kitchen drawer, opened it, and got out the bottle opener. I used it to open a beer. Then I put away the opener and discarded the used bottle cap.