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I saw a show today on DIY network that wifey was watching. It was about outdoor rooms. It was pretty cool. The thing that caught my eye was (of course) the outdoor bar area they featured.

I could see from the first aerial shot leading into the scene that the guy had two (or maybe just one) draft tower(s) coming out of his outdoor bar setup. I was immediately dragged into it, waiting for the details of powering, cooling, pressure balancing the tap(s).

I was let down when all they showed was that it was a single tower with a single handle pouring some swilly macro beer. All that money and effort in the greatest outdoor party “room” ever to serve Budweiser? That’s his prerogative.

Anyway, it got me dreaming of the time when I’ll have some bar space that’s fancier than a used fridge with some tap handles coming out of the door in my largely unfinished basement. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate fire pit patio with outdoor TVs, just a cozy little basement bar with some wood paneling or even a drop ceiling. And obviously a serious draft beer setup serving up a wide variety from lite beer to lambic, accompanied by the appropriate educational materials.

Roll Out The Barrels!

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barrelsI recently moved.

When you move, you really take a good hard look at every single item in your possession. What do you absolutely need? Each item you intend to keep must be painstakingly moved by hand, or at least packed by hand, and then unpacked by hand. All in all, moving presents a great opportunity to discard some of the less essential items for everyday life.

For me, I was forced to examine my ever-growing beer stash. Four fridges full of beer in various states of being, from fermenting wort, to the mini keg fridge, to the full cold bottle fridge, to the “beer cellar” fridge, to the couple of extra cases with nowhere to call home.

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Twelve Cases

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I am moving this month. I have a whole month to get all our stuff from our old house to our new house. Good thing they’re about a quarter mile apart!

Of course, one major task is to move all the beer from the old place to the new one. The cellar beer, the cold bottled beer, the on-tap beer, and the fermenting beer. Lots of different types of beer, and lots of beer overall.

I have kept this one fridge at 55 °F for the past year or so and filled it with one each of all the high-ABV seemingly cellar-worthy beers I’ve come across. The end result is a mishmash of a bunch of single beers. Even if time was good to the beer, it isn’t that helpful to me. I don’t have any more than the one I’ve managed to shelter from my demanding appetite for beery fulfillment.

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Beer Cellar Online

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I have been meaning to do it, and finally I did it! I took inventory of my beer cellar and I have posted it here! There’s also a convenient little link to the side so you can easily check it whenever you want. I’ll keep it updated as I add or remove items.

Looking at the list, I can see that I need to focus on getting more bottles of any individual beer. I am not sure the value of a single bottle of anything down there, other than pure entertainment. But it would be even more entertaining to have like ten of each bottle down there, now wouldn’t it?

The only thing is that my beer cellar is actually just a temperature controlled fridge, so it’s almost at capacity as-is. In our next place, I’ll have to build a beer cellar room or something to keep the rows and rows of beers that I intend to have aging down there.