“Bottled On” Dating

[ 1 Comment ] Posted on 05.11.08 under Freshness

I just love reading BeerAdvocate magazine. I am always so happy to see it come in the mailbox each month or so. Even though I hardly ever log on to post a review any more, I think that the articles in the magazine really do a great job of covering this great subject from so many different angles.

Sure, I don’t read every article. Some of them are not the most interesting to me. But there’s always a few that really do a great job of grabbing my attention. One of my favorites is the ten steps to beerdom, where they interview a professional brewer or brewery owner about basically how they got started and their general view of the industry and their place in it. But this is about the Advocate This article from Volume II Issue IV.

In this article Jason and Todd talk about freshness dating standards. And now I feel inspired to share my opinion on this topic.

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