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Mindbender IPA LabelA few weeks ago, I started working on brewing recipes which I intend to use in my real brewery. My first one was the IPA family of beers. Mindbender is a small 3% ABV IPA, and Mindbreaker is a big 9% ABV IPA. These are the beers I made as a partigyle, with two mashes of about 9 lbs each, first three gallons of wort from each going to Mindbreaker, and second three gallons of wort going to Mindbender.

I bottled Mindbender and Mindbreaker on Saturday. Mindbender is predictably conditioning quicker. Since it has a lower alcohol content, the yeast are a lot more zealous attacking that priming sugar I added. Mindbreaker is coming along nicely, just at a more measured pace. What do you expect, I know I move slower when I have more alcohol in me.

Mindbender is moving along so nicely, that it’s almost ready already. My barometer plastic bottles are showing that Mindbender is quite firm, and Mindbreaker is still a day or two behind. This morning before I headed out, I put a bottle of Mindbender in the cold fridge so it would be ready for me when I got home.

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My First CBC

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CBC Header 2008
Last week I flew out to San Diego, leaving behind my expanding family, month old son, two year old son, four year old daughter, and brave brave wife for about six days. All for beer.

If you read any beer news outlets, you know that last week was the Craft Brewer’s Conference. This is the trade show for the craft brewing industry. I won’t get into the definition of a craft brewer, but let’s just say that it pretty much includes breweries the size of Sam Adams and Sierra Nevada down to your local brewpub. It’s the breweries that make the great beer that we all love.

I attended this event as a brewery in planning. That’s right. A brewery in planning. Sometime in the next few years, you’ll wake up one day and find Brainard Brewing beer on the shelf at your favorite spot to buy great beer.

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