Session #13: Organic Beer

[ 2 Comments ] Posted on 03.07.08 under Hops, IPA, Iris, Organic Beer, The Session

Session 13 - OrganicFirst Friday of the month = beer blogging Friday = The Session! This is a group blogging day, where all the interested beer bloggers of the world write about the same thing on the same day. This month’s session is hosted by Chris O’Brien the Beer Activist. The topic is Organic Beer.

I don’t have a lot of experience with organic beer – I have hardly ever bought any, and I’ve never made any, although I am starting to become more interested in the idea. For a while, I felt like organic anything was a silly excuse to pay more at the grocery store for produce that seemed to spoil sooner than the normal stuff. I like to jokingly refer to non-organic produce as inorganic. I mean, every vegetable is organic, right? Not really.

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