Mystic Bridge IPA

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At long last, Charlie Buffum has come out with a companion beer for the great Cottrell Old Yankee Ale!

I thought the idea had been kicking around a while over there across town in Pawcatuck. And then the other day I happened past Chris Keppel (the sales guy) on the street in downtown Mystic. He was wearing a shirt with something about Mystic Drawbridge beer. I was curious, but he was with someone and I didn’t bother him.

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Brewing Big

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I want to take some more time to reflect on what I learned at Cottrell yesterday, helping to make the Old Yankee Ale.

Amazingly, it takes just about the same amount of time to make 40 bbl as it does to make 5 gallons. Some things take a lot longer, like transferring wort from mash tun to brew kettle and then to fermenter. But some things take a lot less time, like mashing, which is pretty much done as soon as the mash tun is full.

It’s just a totally different world. But yet at the same time, it’s sort of pretty much the same as the brewing world I already know as a homebrewer. The processes are about the same, but the implementation of the processes is a lot different, in some cases.

If you live anywhere near a brewery, and you’re the least bit interested in brewing, you should contact the local brewery and offer to volunteer. It’s purely awesome to be a part of a day at an actual production brewery, if you’ve never done it.

Style Profile Abandoned

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Sorry, no style profile tonight. Not even a style-related article.

I just had one of the most awesome beer days of my life. I volunteered at the Cottrell brewery, my local brewery. I did my part in helping to make the Old Yankee Ale. In fact, I really just dropped a gasket into a fermenter and made a few six-pack-holder-filled-cases. Oh yeah, and crawled around in a mash tun scraping out grains with my hands and getting soaked spraying down the false bottom. It was totally awesome.

So that’s it.