Free Bud!

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Not the green stuff, but the bland beer variety.

Time to throw my opinion into the ring. I’ve read others already opine in this manner, but can’t help but add a “+1″ to the sentiment.

It has always baffled me why anyone would buy Bud for a take-home beverage. For a lot less money, you can get Busch, which has always seemed an adequate approximation of Bud to me. I mean, it’s not like we’re doing tasting events with the stuff.

At a bar is one thing. Everything costs the same there. If you don’t like actual beer, then you might as well grab a pint of Bud Light. But if you’re dead set on drinking something best served cold as can be in the comfort of your own home, the only reason to pick Bud is image.

Now I am not immune to this. The can does look somehow incredibly cool, even to my modern styling preferences. And Bud Light does bring to mind the notion of refreshment. But once again, Busch and other discount products approximate the final result, and Bush is pretty cool itself. I mean, they used to have the Busch Series in NASCAR (second tier cars, now Nationwide).

Fortunately, these days, I can make just about any beer I like for less than Busch Light, so it has been some time since Busch graced my fridge.

Nonetheless, I’m thinking, wondering if I can get out to a participating on-premise operation to partake of my free sample of Bud. I mean, it’s free. Why not? Maybe we can get a holiday “Plain Old Beer Day” to be celebrated September 29th every year, where they give away stuff that I wouldn’t buy otherwise.

Bison Honey Basil

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I have to admit that I have had some guilt over this one for a while.

One day, I got an email from a brewery seeking a media outlet for their beer. And I was it. I love that kind of thing. I don’t get it every day. Or really every month. Or even quarterly. So I had in the mail a pair of bottles of beer and some marketing info. I’d given the expectation to the brewery that I’d review the beer online. But yet I never found that “right time” to “formally review” the beer. I drank one of them right away, and formed my initial impressions, and then the second has sat in my fridge since then. It’s been probably about six months since I first tried this summer special from the certified organic Bison brewery from California.

Now, finally, I have got the guts up to write up this one.

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Flying Dog Kerberos

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Flying Dog KerberosWell it wasn’t too warm the other day when I got home. So I skipped the Kerberos that day. It turns out that it’s a lot warmer in South Windsor than it is in Mystic most days this time of year. I’ll leave SW at 5PM, and it’s 75, and when I get back to Mystic sometime after 6:00, it’s getting down towards 60. (Those are degrees F for our international friends.) Maybe it’s just cooler at the shore, or maybe it cools down quickly that time of day. But it’s never been that warm summery time that I thought I might be waiting for to crack the Kerberos.

Tonight the waiting game had to end. It was time to dig into the sweet golden treasure that had made its way to my door. Time to sample that pre-market release special super fancy beer that’s been eyeing me from the fridge each night.

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Wild Goose IPA

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I promised to drink one of the beers that the fine folks at Flying Dog sent me. And I did it. It was hard work, drinking a beer, but I am a true warrior, and I pulled it off with amazing ease. After descending into my basement and pulling open the heavy beer-laden door of my beer-filled fridge, I leaned down with the weight of a thousand ounces of beer weighing on me to grab that one simple bottle of Wild Goose IPA.

This beer poured crystal clear and an orangey-reddish-brown color, much like you’d expect from an IPA. I learned at the CBC from one of the malt guys that Crystal malts give a more red hue while the chocolate/roasted family of malts give more of a brown hue. I would call the Wild Goose a crystal malt colored beer. But then again, who would use chocolate malts in an IPA? Unless it was a black IPA…

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An Animal Theme

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Wild Goose IPAOn the surface, it would appear that a dog and a goose have little in common. Then you realize that the dog is flying. Wait, can a goose even fly? Oh yeah, they fly South for the winter, don’t they… But the goose is wild. Surely a flying dog must be wild. These two have more in common than it would initially seem. Then it occurs to me: Wild Goose must be the brewery in Maryland that Flying Dog took over a few months ago!

Flying Dog is at it again, sending beer to bloggers! I love this country!!

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Flying Dog Garde Dog

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Flying Dog Garde DogI can’t say enough about how great Flying Dog is in their reaching out to the beer blogging community and their marketing programs to get the word out about their beers. Part of this is a pre-release of upcoming beers. Coming soon to a beer store near you is the Flying Dog Garde Dog Biere de Garde style beer. Biere de Garde is a beer style of French origin made for the warmer weather of Spring and early Summer. I got mine the other day, and tonight I tried it out. I like it, and I give it an A-. It’s going to be a great warmer weather beer, perfect for a late afternoon on the porch enjoying a warm Spring breeze, watching hop rhizomes grow in the front yard. It is light and refreshing, but not boring at all. Something you can enjoy and share with your friends. Very nice beer.

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Special Tasting Notes: Flying Dog Barrel Aged Horn Dog

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Flying Dog Barrel Aged Horn DogThis is the second of the free beer series I got from the generous Flying Dog brewery.

Horn Dog is Flying Dog’s barley wine. I have written about it here before. To summarize, it is a really good American Barley Wine. I found the hops to be a little more forward than some more traditional English-style Barley Wines. Fortunately, I’m American, so I like the big American twist on beer. Thinking back, and comparing to something like Bigfoot, it isn’t very hoppy, but compared to others in the genre, it is pretty hoppy. Overall I liked it a lot.

Matt Brophy, the Flying Dog head brewer, went ahead and made a special version of the Horn Dog, and aged it in oak barrels fresh from the whiskey farm (presumably the one next door at Stranahan’s). Then they even made special labels and everything and started spreading it around. I was totally happy and honored to receive one of these. I’d read about them, but didn’t think I’d ever have one. Now that I have, I am planning my next brew that I can age on some whiskey-soaked oak. Maybe I should do a Barrel Aged Horn Dog clone…

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Free Beer!

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Free BeerBlogging about beer has many benefits. First of all, you get to drink beer, and then check off part of your to-do list after you drink it (and photograph it, take notes, etc.) For me, I just envelop myself in all aspects of beer so that I can provide the best information I can about beer for my various postings. But one of the greatest benefits that I’ve been hoping for, I have finally realized. As you might have guessed by the title of this post, it’s free beer!

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