Flying Dog Kerberos

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Flying Dog KerberosWell it wasn’t too warm the other day when I got home. So I skipped the Kerberos that day. It turns out that it’s a lot warmer in South Windsor than it is in Mystic most days this time of year. I’ll leave SW at 5PM, and it’s 75, and when I get back to Mystic sometime after 6:00, it’s getting down towards 60. (Those are degrees F for our international friends.) Maybe it’s just cooler at the shore, or maybe it cools down quickly that time of day. But it’s never been that warm summery time that I thought I might be waiting for to crack the Kerberos.

Tonight the waiting game had to end. It was time to dig into the sweet golden treasure that had made its way to my door. Time to sample that pre-market release special super fancy beer that’s been eyeing me from the fridge each night.

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An Animal Theme

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Wild Goose IPAOn the surface, it would appear that a dog and a goose have little in common. Then you realize that the dog is flying. Wait, can a goose even fly? Oh yeah, they fly South for the winter, don’t they… But the goose is wild. Surely a flying dog must be wild. These two have more in common than it would initially seem. Then it occurs to me: Wild Goose must be the brewery in Maryland that Flying Dog took over a few months ago!

Flying Dog is at it again, sending beer to bloggers! I love this country!!

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Free Beer!

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Free BeerBlogging about beer has many benefits. First of all, you get to drink beer, and then check off part of your to-do list after you drink it (and photograph it, take notes, etc.) For me, I just envelop myself in all aspects of beer so that I can provide the best information I can about beer for my various postings. But one of the greatest benefits that I’ve been hoping for, I have finally realized. As you might have guessed by the title of this post, it’s free beer!

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Style Profile: Tripel

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A Belgian TripelBelgium is world renowned as one of the greatest beer places on earth. Beer is highly regarded and truly respected in far more places there than you’re likely to find in the same geographical area here in the US. Their beers range from delicate to robust to funky to big and sweet. Today I am going to talk a bit about a big sweet style, the Tripel.

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