Free Beer!

[ Comments Off ] Posted on 02.06.08 under Aimée, Biere de Garde, Bock, Free Beer, Fun, The Session, Tripel, Zok

Free BeerBlogging about beer has many benefits. First of all, you get to drink beer, and then check off part of your to-do list after you drink it (and photograph it, take notes, etc.) For me, I just envelop myself in all aspects of beer so that I can provide the best information I can about beer for my various postings. But one of the greatest benefits that I’ve been hoping for, I have finally realized. As you might have guessed by the title of this post, it’s free beer!

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Thanksgiving and Beer

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Many would pair wine with thanksgiving – I pair beer. Some say that this whole “beer pairing” thing is getting to be overdone. I say it is just getting started. Steve Koch from Stone brewing proved it earlier in the year when he defeated the sommeliers in a “pair-off”. It reminds me of Steven Colbert in the “guitar shred-off” he had with some guy from some band I never heard of before or since (it was actually the Decemberists – no offense to their fans).

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